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As well as being awarded a BAFTA and an ACADEMY AWARD Last year I was awarded a TAURUS WORLD STUNT AWARD and now I am being awarded the PRIX DE HUMILITE AWARD.

The now Governor of the State off California Arnold Schwarzenegger came down especially to give out TAURUS award which is generously sponsored by RED BULL (see photo) It was a sensational night and we partied until dawn. Everybody afterwards was very shocked because I kept calling Arnold "Arnie" during the ceremony so I said that is all I have ever called him for the last 20 years, he was really cool and loved it when I mentioned that his scoring needed some scrutiny when we used to play tennis.

I was also awarded a star on the PALM SPRINGS WALK OF FAME, this was also a fantastic day and the Palm Springs committee made us feel so welcome and we toasted our health to the extreme.

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