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Hi Everyone

I am currently working on a Will Smith movie in New York and things have been pretty hectic so I must apologise for neglecting the web site for so long. I am now settled into pre production and should have time at the weekends to update the site and also (very importantly) I must answer the questions you have all been writing with. I have made a start but I am a little slow because this is a new process and I have to learn it from scratch.
New York is wonderful and a fantastic city, it has been incredibly hot but at least it is cooling down now and it is making our prep bearable. The first thing I shoot here is a single car careering around a deserted New York, so I am walking all the routes on foot and working out the manoeuvres. Because New York has to be empty I will shoot Saturdays and Sundays as early in the morning as possible and with the help of dozens of PA’s Police and CGI I should accomplish it.

This note is just to get the web page back up to speed. So see you soon. Vic

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