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It is Canada Day today and I have to say it is a great celebration and there are tons of things going on in and around the old city in Montreal where I am staying. We have 3 day’s off from our preparation for "MUMMY 3" but of course there is still a lot of work to be done at home with all the paperwork that is generated these days.

We will be heavily into fight rehearsals next week as there is only about 4 weeks left until shooting begins. I have my main stunt crew here working out the fights in advance. Mark Southworth is my stunt coordinator, he also coordinated the additional shooting on "Golden Compass" for me recently in Switzerland, Mike Lambert is my fight coordinator he also worked on "Golden Compass" with me. Scott my youngest son is the stunt double for Luke Ford who plays Brendan Fraser’s son in "MUMMY 3" so it is quite a coincidence that he is also doubling a Ford like I did a few years ago, Bruce my eldest son is coming out with Dave Cronnely to set up some of our rigs for a few weeks and then he goes off to Berlin on another show but he will join up with us later in Shanghai China to do stunt driving for the big chase sequence through 1946 Shanghai. Wendy my wife will also be in China fine tuning the battle scenes and checking out the horse work before I get out there.Robert Armstrong the next generation of Armstrong stunt men ?         

Here is the next generation of Armstrong stuntmen my young Grandson Robert Armstrong 4 years old.

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