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Hi all you Daniel Craig fans, here is a rare photo of the man himself with (from the left, Stefan Zurcher, DC, Bill Carraro and myself). As you can see Daniel is still padded up to protect himself from the abuse I put him through being shot and sliding down into the glacier all day long. We shot up on the Junfruajoch for 6 days. Sometimes we were working at 11,000 feet but mostly around 7,500 feet.

Stefan Zurcher on the left is an old friend on mine from "ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE".  In those day he was one of our star skiers but has progressed on to be THE go to man if you ever have to shoot a movie in the snow. Stef organised everything from showing me the location to organising the base camp to the catering to the mountain guides to the helicopters which was ajob in itself as we had about 90 flights a day ferrying the crew and equipment all over the glacier.

The 4th man in the picture is Bill Carraro who was my producer on the project and had the uneviable task of telling the studio what i had dreamed up and how much it would cost !! which he did to perfection and was a great support for me.

The whole shoot was put together in about 3 weeks which considering the complexity was amazing.

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