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I guess you all know my family are all basically in the stunt business, here is a photo of my wife Wendy and my daughter Nina playing around at home with a friend !

Wendy will be off to China in a little while to start setting up the action there ready for my arrival and Nina is working on "National Treasure 2" this weekend in London. My brother Andy lives almost exclusively in LA and does the same thing as I do coordinating stunts and directing although he also writes scripts as well. My Father in Law George Leech was one of the UK's founding fathers of stunts having  been in the business since he doubled for James Mason in 1947. My 2 sons Bruce and Scott are busy in the  business with Bruce having been with me here and now is off to Berlin on a big car chase picture and Scott is working here doubling Luke Ford from Australia. I also have a nephew James Armstrong who worked for me on "I AM LEGEND" in New York as well as many other movies and he is a regular double for the lead in "PRISON BREAK" in Texas, he also directs a TV show at weekends in LA where he lives. My other nephew Jesse Johnson also lives in LA and is a stuntman but has been writing & directing a lot recently and is going great guns working his way up the directorial ladder with Pit Fighter (Steven Bauer),  Last Sentinel (Katee Sackhoff, Keith David),  Alien Agent (Mark Dacascos,  Billy Zane), 5th Commandment (Bokeem Woodbine, Keith David), The Butcher (Eric Roberts, Robert Davi, Geoffrey Lewis, Michael Ironside).

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