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For all you action fans here is a great site for Stunt Equipment and Stunt Rigging.


The company was founded by my great friend Dave Bickers who was one of our most famous Moto Crosser’s or "Scrambler’s" as it was known in his day. Dave along with Bud Ekin’s (who was Steve Mc Queens stunt double and who inherited all Mc Queens collection of Indian Motor cycles on Steve’s death) founded Moto Cross as we know it today in America.

I met Dave when I was working on a little film and had to ride a moto cross bike, my heart sank when I was told the technical advisor and motor bike supplier was the legendry Dave Bickers, but as it turned out Dave was the greatest guy ever and I saw in him an incredible talent for thinking laterally when confronted with a mechanical problem and coming up with a solution so logical it defied imagination.

Since then we have collaborated on many many films (see his credit list) and Dave also constructed  the very first film "Fan Descender" for me. This won me an Academy of Motion Pictures Science and Technology Oscar. Dave’s company Bickers Action is now the foremost in the business and is run by his son Paul. Have a look at the site and the equipment and gadgets they have invented and the movies and TV shows they have contributed to.

This is a shot in from a movie Dave and I worked on up in Alaska called "BEAR ISLAND" we had 8 of these Hydrocopters and we did a chase sequence with them and kept crashing them (as one does) so this particular day we were down to the last Hydrocopter and suddenly the supercharger blew up, now we were down to none and the light was fading, Dave saved the day by changing the engine and super charger in 19 minutes flat which enabled me to do this stunt and get us all back on the Russian liner that was our home for the shoot and we cruised off to the next location overnight. This is just a small example of Dave Bickers incredible knowledge and skill and contribution to the worldwide film business

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