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Happy and prosperous New Year to you all, I am back in the UK briefly and have just put the Xmas decorations away for another year.

One of the great presents I received was a book titled "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A FALL GUY". The book is written by one of the greatest stuntmen of all time JOE POWELL, this is must reading for anybody with the slightest interest in the film world and or the stunt world.

When I started in the business Joe was a giant and was one of the people I tried to model myself on, he did some of the greatest stunts in an age that did not have the benefit of the modern technology that we have today, it was all achieved with talent, instinct and sheer guts.

I salute him and urge you all to buy and read his book, it is available @ Amazon.com

This is a photo of me sadly leaving the fantastic set of MUMMY 3 on my last night in Shanghai.

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