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Hi everybody, I first must apologize for taking time off from updating the website. Wendy & I spent some time at our place in Los Angeles and did some house remodeling. I then did some work with Tom Cruise and it was great fun seeing him again and he is as game as ever doing his own stunts, if I had stayed longer I would have asked him for tickets to the LA Galaxy to see his mate David Beckham play, maybe next time. While I was in town I saw several cuts of MUMMY 3 with Rob Cohen and the more I saw the more excited I was about the final film, it really zips along at a great pace and Rob has done a fantastic job in a) directing it, and b) in editing it, he has given it his distinctive look and feel as you would expect from the director of "xXx" and "FAST & FURIOUS". I am currently in Bangkok and there are posters everywhere advertising it and the locals are dying to see it.

Talking of Bangkok, I am here for Harvey Weinstein working an on a movie called "SHANGHAI" which is directed by a very talented director called Mikael Hafstrom who's last film "1408" was a big hit. This movie is set in almost the same period as MUMMY 3 but deals with the Japanese invasion of Shanghai. In the photo above I am with some Thai friends, on the left is Prachya (Prach) Pinkaew, Prach directed the amazing Thai action movie "ONG BAK" between him and myself is my great friend for over 15 years Kawee (Seng) Sirikhanaerut, Seng is my stunt coordinator here in Thailand, he is the #1 and has worked on many international movies around the World, on my left is Panna (Kitt) Rittikrai, Kit is Seng's teacher and mentor and was the fight choreographer and action director on "ONG BAK". This will be my 10th show in Thailand and the last time I was here I directed a commercial for RANGE ROVER that went on to win several awards and it is always fun to come here and meet all my friends again, many like Seng have now moved on to much higher positions. It is also great to see how the Thai film industry is expanding and coming on par with the rest of the World as far as technicians goes, the locations Thailand has to offer are as before also stunning. Plus the tropical hot and humid conditions help my aching bones and I play some of my best golf here !!

All for now FOLK's but I promise I will keep the site up to date regularly

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