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Congratulations to everybody that worked on "BATMAN" it is turning into a record breaker. Paul Jennings the stunt coordinator and all his crew have done a great job. Chris Corbould and the special effects crew also have pulled out all the stops and made a major contribution to the movie, it would not be anywhere near as good without their combined talents. Chris's crew also built the enormous BAT BIKE which is a revolutionary machine and stunning to look at and a marvel of engineering. It was piloted by Jean-Pierre Goy one of the great motor cycle stunt riders around today. J-P rode the BMW for me on "TOMORROW NEVER DIES" in 1997 with my wife Wendy sitting on the handle bars and various other positions doubling Michelle Yeogh while he did some absolutely amazing tricks with the bike including wheelie's and the jump over the helicopter at the end of the chase, which is still considered the best bang for your buck as far as chases go. J-P said to me one day "Vic I am so honored that you trust your wife's life to me during all these motorcycle stunts" and I answered him "yes J-P but you do not know how much I have her insured for !!!"  It is so sad about Heath Ledger he was such a talent and after I worked with him on "THE FOUR FEATHERS" I tipped him as the next Harrison Ford. Jordi Casares and myself worked with him on his horseback riding and got him to do a pony express mount in amongst the 200 hundred charging dervishes during the battle sequence, you see him get off the ground, catch the loose horse, vault on and gallop into a close up. I was so impressed that I included the stunt in my show reel which you can see on this site.

From left to right, Jean-Pierre Goy, Wendy, Myself, Seng & Jordi.

Jean – Pierre has a website where you can see his amazing array of talents, to access it click on the LINK opposite or go to: 


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