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I am New York in the office prepping my next picture and I came across this picture of myself with the stunt legend Terry Leonard who has been a great buddy of mine since we met on “RAIDER’S of the LOST ARK”. Terry was one of the best stuntmen there has been and is now one of the best Action Unit directors out there.

vic-and-terry-leonardI last saw Terry in Victorville California where I was shooting a sequence for “VALKYRIE” in the desert. Terry walked into the same hotel one night and it turned out he was shooting a sequence for the latest “FAST & FURIOUS” movie on a dry lake bed just down the road from where I was shooting. We had a nice early dinner together and reminisced a little about the old days and I promised to send him a copy of this picture which was taken at the last TAURUS WORLD STUNT AWARDS. We then turned in early because we both had to leave at the crack of dawn the next morning, it sure wasn’t like the old days!!

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