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The Good Old days

Here is a photo of me and the gang on “INDIANA JONES and the LAST CRUSADE” it was downloaded off the internet by a friend and sent to me, so it was a great suprise to see and a reminder of the old days and the gang that I worked with all the time.Vic & gang on Last CrusadeFrom L – R they are Gabe Cronnelly, Simon Crane, Miguel Pedregosa, Vic, Jordi Casares, Bronco McLoughlin, Billy Horrigan and standing in the back of Big Blue is Dickey Beer. It was shot in the Ramblas near Almeria Spain during the tank chase. It would be lovely to recreate those days but I guess everything in life and the World is changing. The great thing is we are all still alive and kicking and creating havoc in different parts of the World

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