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M.Moore cover (front)This is a book written by the greatest living Action Unit director Mickey Moore, and it is a must read for any fan of cinema. Mickey has been working in movies for 90 years ! was a child star with Mary Pickford, and has directed first units, second units and has worked with all the greats of the cinema, he directed Elvis Presley in “PARADISE ,HAWAIIAN STYLE” as first unit director, Mickey has done it all.

I first met Mickey in Tunisia on “RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK”, the unit had been shooting a while when I was drafted in to double Harrison. I had been shooting a picture in Mexico called “GREEN ICE” up until then. I learnt so much from Mickey, and his words of wisdom still come back to me today when I am directing and I often say to myself “what would Mickey do in this situation”?

Mickey is the role model for every action unit director out there today with his calmness, politeness, safety first, his thoughtfulness and his incredible knowledge. Since Raiders I have worked with Mickey many times in various places around the World.M.Moore cover (back)Thank you Mickey on behalf of all cinema goers around the World and every stuntman past and present, you have touched us all with your magic carpet, I look forward to seeing you at your 100th Birthday Party. Vic

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