Armstrong Action working under the direction of Andy were up in Northern California last week causing mayhem and enthralling the locals. This is for a secret project that we are preparing which if all goes as it appears to be will be a great new attraction for the media. Georgina Armstrong was driving the car which had to hit the mark exactly every time and William Spencer was doing the amazing fire burn on a skate board up and over the car, this was one of many stunts performed that day.

I am always amazed at human kindness as compared to all the awful things we read happening around the World, at the end of this shoot a kid in the huge crowd watching asked for the burnt shirt that was used and when he was given that he asked for the skate board that was used, which seemed a trifle cheeky but to Andy and the gang it seemed a nice gesture to do. The kid once he had received the gifts then announced he was going to auction them to raise money for a seeing eye dog for a blind person, this shows great generosity and trust in human nature on both sides.

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