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About Vic


the world's most prolific stunt man according to the Guinness Book of Records

Vic Armstrong is an Academy and BAFTA Award-winning film maker, who is known for directing “Young Indiana Jones”, for George Lucas starring Sir Christopher Lee, Joss Ackland and Jennifer Ehrle and “Joshua Tree” starring George Segal, Michelle Phillips and Dolph Lundgren.

Vic also directed the New York Times best seller “Left Behind” starring Nic Cage. Most recently Vic directed “A Sunday Horse”, starring William Shatner, Linda Hamilton, Ving Rhames and Nikki Reed.

Armstrong is also renowned for his staging & directing action sequences in such films as “The Mission,” multiple James Bond films, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Green Hornet,” “Thor,” and recently “Jack Ryan” and “Mazerunner 3”.

Armstrong is also considered one of the most recognizable stuntmen in the world, reaching legendary status at an early age as he took on the most memorable and harrowing feats in the first three Indiana Jones films as Indy himself, (Harrison Ford’s stunt double). As if one legendary character was enough, he also filled the stunt shoes of Superman and James Bond.

As an action Director, Vic’s creative vision has been sought for films helmed by some of the world’s most respected and prominent directors, including Steven Spielberg, Paul Verhoven, David Lean, Peter Yates, Roland Joffe, Sir Richard Attenborough, Kenneth Branagh, Ridley Scott, Michael Cimino, George Lucas, and Martin Scorsese.

Vic’s extensive body of work includes films of all genres and scale, including, “The Mission”, “Empire of the Sun”, “Black Beauty”, “Terminator 2”, “An American Werewolf in London”, “Double Impact”, “Dune”, “Total Recall”, “Air America”, “Universal Soldier”, “Return of the Jedi”, “Bladerunner”, “Henry V”, “Rob Roy”, “Starship Troopers”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Entrapment”, The World is not Enough”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Captain Correlli’s Mandolin” and “Gangs of New York”, to name just some. For more check out Vic on IMDB.

During his career, Vic has been awarded 6 nominations and 3 wins.

A short overview of Vic’s career


The 6-foot Vic doubled for 6’1″ Harrison Ford in the first three Indiana Jones films, 6’2″ Timothy Dalton for Flash Gordon, George Lazenby for the Swiss Alps skiing scenes in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and 6’4″ Christopher Reeve in Superman and Superman II.

Reportedly, Vic looked so much like Harrison Ford that the crewmembers on the films were constantly mistaking him for Ford. This proved useful when Ford injured his back and had to sit out for filming crucial action sequences in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Armstrong filled in for him.

The stunt where he jumps from a horse onto a German tank in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was voted one of the Top Ten film stunts of all time by a panel of experts and Sky Movies viewers in the UK in 2002.

On a private photograph taken on the film set, Ford wrote to Vic, “If you learn to talk I’m in deep trouble!” Vic was unable to work on the fourth Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull due to commitments to The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


Vic’s first directing project was The Young Indiana Jones in 1992, and then directed the action film Joshua Tree (a.k.a. Army of One) starring Dolph Lundgren and George Segal in 1993.

He is a famed stunt coordinator and action unit director, notable for (amongst others) the action sequences of several James Bond films, War of the Worlds, and I Am Legend.

Vic was also the opening scene director on Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Second Unit Director for The Amazing Spider-Man. In 2013, he signed on to direct Left Behind, a remake of the series that was released in 2014. His next directorial effort was the true story, A Sunday Horse.


Vic has directed numerous commercials for leading automotive brands including Lincoln, Range Rover, and Jaguar.

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